Directing Portfolio

Dogbarked                                                                     Souris Valley Theatre                                              Estevan, SK

By James O’Shea                                                            Frehlick Hall                                                            July 2017


Fitz Happens!                                                                 Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Mark Weatherley                                                        Frehlick Hall                                                            June 2017


9 to 5                                                                                Regina Lyric Musical Theatre                                Regina, SK

By Dolly Parton & Patricia Resnick                                 Mainstage Theatre                                                 May 2017


Spring`s Awakening                                                       University of Regina                                             Regina, SK

By Frank Wedekind                                                         Mainstage Theatre                                                November, 2016

Adapted by Elizabeth Leavitt,

Kenn McLeod, & Jeremiah Munsey


The Volstead Blues                                                       Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Billy Morton                                                                Frehlick Hall                                                           July 2016


Chickens                                                                         Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Lucia Frangione                                                         Frehlick Hall                                                           July 2016


Diamond Girls                                                               Menagerie Productions                                         Canadian Tour

By Maureen Ulrich                                                          Canadian Tour                                                        June 2016


Danny, King of the Basement                                    Persephone Theatre                                             Saskatoon, SK

By David S. Craig                                                            Black Box/Provincial Tour                                     November, 2015


Dry Streak                                                                      Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Leanne Minogue                                                       Frehlick Hall                                                           August 2015


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee       Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Rebecca Feldman & William Finn                            Frehlick Hall                                                           July 2015


Spin Measure Cut                                                         Listen to Dis                                                           Regina, SK

Collective Creation                                                         Neil Balkwell Arts Center                                     November 2014


The Odd Couple                                                           Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Neil Simon                                                                 Frehlick Hall                                                            August 2014


The Marvelous Wonderettes                                      Souris Valley Theatre                                             Estevan, SK

By Roger Bean                                                                Frehlick Hall                                                            July 2014


BEIRUT***                                                                      Hectik Theatre                                                        Regina & Saskatoon, SK

By Alan Bowne                                                               House of Dance/The Refinery                               October, 2013


The Game’s Afoot                                                        Regina Little Theatre                                              Regina, SK         

By Ken Ludwig                                                               Regina Performing Arts Centre                             October, 2013          


The Birds**                                                                    University of Regina                                                Regina, SK         

Aristophanes (adaptation by Yvette Nolan)                 Mainstage Theatre                                                 March, 2013


COPE**                                                                           North Central Theatre                                           Regina & Saskatoon, SK

By Greg Ochitwa                                                            Globe Theatre/Refinery                                         January & April 2012


Timely Heroes**                                                            Theatre Under the Gun                                         Vancouver, BC

By North by South                                                           Performance Works                                              Oct, 2011


Noises Off                                                                      Nevada Conservatory Theatre                              Las Vegas, NV

By Michael Frayn                                                            Judy Bailey Mainstage                                           May, 2011                                 


Spring`s Awakening**                                                   Nevada Conservatory Theatre                             Las Vegas, NV

By Frank Wedekind                                                         Black Box Theatre                                                 November, 2010

Adapted by Elizabeth Leavitt,

Kenn McLeod, & Jeremiah Munsey


The Way It Has To Be**                                                Nevada Conservatory Theatre                              Las Vegas, NV

By Jeremiah Munsey                                                      Black Box Theatre                                                  November, 2009


Reasons to be Pretty (U.S. West Coast Premier)        Nevada Conservatory Theatre                             Las Vegas, NV

By Neil Labute                                                                 Black Box Theatre                                                 September, 2009


Crocodiles and Childcare                                            Nevada Conservatory Theatre                             Las Vegas, NV

By K.C. Davis                                                                    Paul Harris Theatre                                               March, 2009


The Chasm**                                                                  Nevada Conservatory Theatre                              Las Vegas, NV

By Laura Neubauer                                                         Black Box Theatre                                                  Jan, 2009


Me and My Man-Fish**                                                 Nevada Conservatory Theatre                             Las Vegas, NV

By Elizabeth Leavitt                                                         Paul Harris Theatre                                                Oct, 2008


Rosa’s Eulogy                                                                  Caught in the Act VI                                             Regina, SK

By Richard Strand                                                            Unitarian Centre                                                    May, 2008


Dry Streak                                                                        Regina Little Theatre                                            Regina, SK

By Leanne Minogue                                                         Regina Performing Arts Centre                           October, 2007


The Pillowman                                                                Hectik Theatre                                                       Regina, SK

By Martin McDonagh                                                       Art At Work Space                                                June 2007


The Adventures of Ali & Ali                                          Hectik Theatre                                                       Regina, SK

And the aXes of Evil                                                         Royal Saskatchewan Museum                              November 2006

By Marcus Yousef, Camyar Chai, Guillermo Verdecchia                                   


Project: Alyce**                                                               Hectik Theatre                                                       Regina, SK

(Collective)                                                                        Big Red Barn Sherwood Forest                            March 2006 - June 2006

Closer                                                                               Hectik Theatre                                                        Regina, SK

By Patrick Marber                                                             Shu-Box Theatre                                                    November 2005


Versus/Verses**                                                               Canadian Heritage                                                Regina, SK

(Collective)                                                                        Regina Boxing Club                                              August 2005


The Vagina Monologues                                               University of Regina Women’s Centre                 Regina, SK

By Eve Ensler                                                                    Education Auditorium                                           February, 2005


All in the Timing                                                              Independent                                                         Regina, SK

By David Ives                                                                     Shu-Box Theatre                                                  Dec, 2003


**World Premiere                                         

*** Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards 2014 (Nominations for Best Production, Best Lead Female Performance, Best Lighting)